27 Apr 2012

Free Download & Enjoy

Hallo metal lovers, now you can download our song album debut 4 years ago from H.O.P [Hacker Music] Producer music editor (National from Indonesia).
- Initial: H.O.P [Hacker Music]
- Genre: Music Computer,Game,Soundtrack,Programmer Neo-Classic Metal.
- Composer: Adenurbayan Indonesia
- Since: 2008 - Present
- Story about: Evolution, Paganism, Dooms Day, Planetarium, Game, Futurism, Mythology, Underground

In Debut 4 year H.O.P [Hacker Music] had finish 4th album know, in below you can free download and enjoy it..
click here for download:
1-Experience Experiment Music Paradigm (2008)

2-Wait For Predestined Hour Of Death (2009)

3-Demon Sacrilegious (2010)

4-Black Album 2011 CD-1

5-White Album 2011 CD-2

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16 Nov 2011

Comming Son: Album "2012" April 12th

H.O.P [Hacker Music] are coming to release their fifth rendering studio album in April 12th 2012. Accomodate in media, the brainware (Adenurbayan Indonesia) said of the virtual band progress in rendering the follow up to Black White Album: “They’ve now gone into the rendering studio. Hopefully, the album might come out April next year.”
“This album is a new metamorphosis music maker, and powerfull design with contributed song theme of war of the world, human fact, mythology, science of the peace, neo-colonialsm, the planetarium, and the end of the world”. some track are designed to regeneration are'll be coming in the nest of the world.

this album only directly present to tribute of the world and 2012
issue of the "dooms day" are will be coming in 21-12-2012, some people said ?
an abstraction is how we'll corespondent of the God
nothing about dead but this about our behaviour and thought of life.


Initals: H.O.P [Hacker Music]
Album: 2012
Created: 05 july 2011
Release: 12 april 2012
Composer/Song Writter: Adenurbayan Indoensia
Programm: FL 10|SoundMAX|IntelSynthesizerVirtual
Genre: Virtual Music Computer/Programming Metal Symphonic/Soundtrack/Game
Website: http://www.hophackermusic.blogspot.com
Song Title:
01 2012
02 Battle Of War III
03 The Old Of Earth
04 Tsunami
05 The Cosmic Planet Will Be Collide
06 Agression Of Israel
07 The New World Order (Part I : Slave of God, Part II : The Devils Poem - Veneration of sarcastic, Part III: Religion fiction: The Human Viruses, Part IV : Contradiction)
08 Hell & Heaven (Orchestral)
09 Goblin Of Fire
10 Ten Angel's
11 Wisdom Of God
12 The Race Of Gaia (Revelation Of The Earth) "Click For Play"

stay on site for download this album later..!!
thank you for visit [anb]

11 Jan 2011

H.O.P [Hacker Music]

H.O.P [Hacker Music] is an Indonesian Virtual music maker lead by . Adenurbayan Indonesia, Since forming in 2008, H.O.P [Hacker Music] has released Four studio albums, and one Eps.



1.1 Early years (2007-Present)

In 2007, Adenurbayan (Indonesia) decided to create a Virtual music editor with his PC experience and experiment vision of integrating progeressive rock elements with symphonic power metal. H.O.P [Hacker Music] is Adenurbayan called name of his friends, something about hacker is composer digital about music, making virtual song of his creation user software environtment. H.O.P [Hacker Music] material were heavily influenced by style of Progressive rock, Black metal, and Symphonic was a big influence from a instrumental playing perspective.

A year later H.O.P [Hacker Music] released their first demo, Blissed from th hell, with Progress action. H.O.P [Hacker Music] decided to accept the offer and soon they began promoting their music. Now the group had access to higher quality equipment and rendering.

1.2 The Experience album 0 (2007)

In the year 2007 ago, Adenurbayan get FL studio 0.5 version (amateur people), and try to make a song with encoding digital music and save a hundred project to his computer. Get 1st album(Not for share) H.O.P [Hacker Music] “Experience part I” "TITLE OF SONG"APPOLOGIZE RHAPSODY, BLACK SHOW FLAT.MINOR#CHORD, ENJOYABLE IN THE SOUL GLOOM, ROMANTIC TECHNO, TECH.BASSLINE I OVERLUDE.COM, MILLITERED RHAPSODY PART 1, NOISE GUITAR DIST.3XOSC#2, GO (ACTION), SPIRIT YOUR SOUL, MILLITERED RHAPSODY PART 2, TECH.IMPROVES #augsus4, ORCHESTRAL FOR MY BROKEN HEARTED, ROCK OF MISSERY HABBIT, SOUL PIECE IN MY SLEEP.

1.3 Start 1st Album “Experience.Experiment.Music.Paradigm “EEMP” user FL studio 6.0 version (2007–2008)

March 2008, H.O.P [Hacker music] had launching 1st Album, of 11 palylist song. With Experience.Experiment.Music.Paradigm. history about song writer condition for making virtual song, and about first day of the days. In this album 90% rock progressive and 10% jazz, symphonic orchestral. Influence by Dream theater, Rhapsody of fire, Megadeth, and other rock band. With touching synthizer and techno computer equipment, H.O.P can make different song for era 2008 rock song.

1.4 Sys.to FL 8.0 and Try to Modern music with consist concept.

2nd album (2009), H.O.P [Hacker Music] had release “WAIT FOR PREDESTINED HOUR OF DEATH” over handle to FL studio 8.0 innovation system and making more futureable of his program. Stay to analyze with consist concept for being virtual music computer.

1.5 “Black Orchestral (2nd album) OST.Cermin Theatre Composision

Theatron O.S.T “Black Orchestral” had rhythmic for stage of Cermin theater show. This song making different broken orchestral, longitude rhapsody and flying theme of enthusiastic tragedy, holly great rating stars of album 2008.

1.6 Re-arrangment “Serrena” (David Bekker_guitarist) to Synthizer Arpeggious techno# (2008)

Jason bekker song “serrena” added to 2nd album, the original song not to be converating, but apply one synthsizer rock song.

1.7 Demon Sacrilegious Album (periode 2010)

June 2010, 3rd album of H.O.P [Hacker Music] has release, this album was tag of “Demon Sacrilegious”. New gothic and black metal was fill in this album with consist concept too, the composer make this album to his favourite song into directly song “the anger of god” track 3 and hades track 7 of playlist. The best album in 2010 rock virtual computer, not get in sincerely to being art and music. In this album, partly using FL studio 9.0, Cubase XX, and Wave editor 1.0 rendered by anbstudio. Plug in system powered by PoiZOne and imageline corp.

1.8 Release of retail album 4 on Jan 2011 “Black Album”

Last year, Dec 2010 H.O.P [Hacker Music] inspire a logic conspiration song, and try to make retail 4th album “Black” was release in jan 2011 in world site. Eight playlist song ready for Rock on!! “Black World” is theme of this album, but word “World” so contra indication of people. It’s very simple concept and shortly song but fully system into plug into synchronize, future techno, and so regularly. “Nemesis” is the best of playlist song of this album, the great rating star and so progress. 2 playlist song on the best of“The law exceretment and Animosity”. And Continued 1st Recovered “White” album Extended Playlist Song (EPs) Metamorphosis (2011) of 7th partial song.


Current members

  • Adenurbayan Indonesia - Composer and Song writter

Former members

  • H.O.P [Hacker Music]
  • FL studio version lastly 9.0
  • Cubase xx
  • Wave editor
  • Audacity 5.0
  • User FL making studio lab.1
  • Dream Theater virtual
  • Intel-PcX2010
  • Networking
  • Other


Studio albums


  • Metamorphosis (2011)


  1. http://hophackermusic.blogspot.com
  2. www.facebook.com/adenurbayan.indonesia

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H.O.P [Hacker Music]


Adenurbayan Indonesia

Former members

  • H.O.P [Hacker Music]
  • FL studio version lastly 9.0
  • Cubase xx
  • Wave editor
  • Audacity 5.0
  • User FL making studio lab.1
  • Dream Theater virtual
  • Intel-PcX2010
  • Networking
  • Other

Studio Albums

  • Experience.Experiment.Music.Paradigm (2008)
  • Wait Predestined hours of dead (2009)
  • Demon Sacrilegoius (2010)
  • Black Album (2011)


  • Metamorphosis (2011)

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25 Nov 2010

H.O.P [Hacker Music] is Art technology about virtual Music Maker
Reference by.FL Studio www.image-line.com and other software launcher.
Composoer by.Adenurbayan Indonesia Genre Music Computer(Progressive RockInstrumental)

This Song Licensed and Original my Creation
I hope can enjoy it, and Share it free..

Thanks you (Adenurbayan Indonesia)